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Hey WojPob, the comic strip is a noun proper and should have a capital F.--LA2

I know but having two pages is not good either. 'user friendly' is an expression in the first place, the comic strip named after it has to come second, IMHO. WojPob

The whole point is that there were no TWO pages, because lower case "user friendly" didn't exist until you created it. It is an adjective and most other entries in an encyclopedia are nouns. It is perfectly possible to describe it as "user friendliness" or "usability". --LA2

I can't say I care that much about how the entry is capitalized, but I'd like both senses on the same page and possibly various redirects. --Pinkunicorn

Hmm... We have a similar problem with AM (amplitude modulation), Am (chemical symbol for americanium), and am (ante meridium). Perhaps best to put all three under Am (as Wikipedia entries cannot start with lowercase letters. --LA2.